KidZone - The FUN Zone for little ones to play, paint, party and learn!

Play Policies & Pricing

Playtime Guidelines
  • SOCKS ON please, per RI lawParents can wear shoes.
  • You are welcome to bring your own food, but we do NOT allow peanut products, nor do we allow you to bring food to share with a group or cake/cupcakes, unless you have reserved the back room for your play date or party.  
  • We ask that your child's food and beverages be enjoyed in our back room. The back room has limited space available from 9:30-1 on Tuesday & Thursday due to classes. If you arrive with cake and have not reserved a party, we will charge you for a public party.

Make and Take wood or ceramic crafts are available during Play & Paint hours. 
  • Pieces range in price from $5 to $12. 
  • Ceramics no longer require firing in a kiln, so they can go home with you the same day! (No more mugs or plates though, as these items are no longer dishwasher safe.)
Play Pass Pricing
  • Walking to 7 yrs. Weekdays: $10.50 first child, $8.00 each additional sibling.
  • Walking to 7 yrs. School Holidays & Weekends: $11.50 first child, $8.00 each additional child.
  • Five Visit Multi-Pack Play Pass: $44.00 (Makes each pass only $9!)
  • Ten Visit Multi-Pack Play Pass: $83.00  (Makes each pass only $8.30!)
  • There are no time limits, and Multi-Packs don't expire until you've used the last pass! (Multi-Packs are a better value than buying individually, even with sibling discount!)
  • 3 Month Unlimited Visits: $168.00 One Child Pass, $216.00 Family Pass for families with up to 3 children.
  • Infants are NOT charged when accompanying a paying child, but if parents with only infants are visiting us to play/socialize with friends, we must charge a Play Pass fee.


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