KidZone - The FUN Zone for little ones to play, paint, party and learn!

Play Policies & Pricing

Playtime Guidelines
  • Be courteous and have fun!
  • Sanitize your child’s hand before playing.
  • Sock MUST be worn at all times. No shoes on the equipment! No bare feet, please!
  • Children should be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times!
  • Enjoy your food or snacks in our back room! There you will find small toys and activities to use with your child. Space is available unless there is a party or class scheduled.
  • We do not allow peanut products at our facility, as it is an airborne allergen.
  • No running or rough play!
  • Slides are to be used feet first.
  • Please report accidents and other concerns to the staff members.
  • Please keep children who have recently been sick from entering the facility for at least 24 hours after the last sign of symptoms.

Make and Take wood or ceramic crafts are available during Play & Paint hours! Pieces range in price from $5 to $12. Ceramics no longer require firing in a kiln, so they can go home with you the same day! (We no longer offer mugs or plates, as these items are no longer dishwasher or food safe.)

Play Pass Pricing
  • Walking to 7 yrs. - Weekdays: $10.50 first child, $8.00 each additional child.
  • Walking to 7 yrs. - School Vacations, Holidays, & Weekends: $11.50 first child, $8.00 each additional child.
  • Five-Day Visit Multi-Pack Play Pass: $44.00 (Makes each pass only $9!)
  • Ten-Day Visit Multi-Pack Play Pass: $83.00  (Makes each pass only $8.30!)
  • There are no time limits, and Multi-Packs don't expire until you've used the last pass! (Multi-Packs are a better value than buying individually, even with sibling discount!)
  • 90 Day Unlimited Visit Play Pass: One Child - $168.00 | Family Pass for up to 3 children - $216.00
  • Infants are NOT charged when accompanying a paying child, but if parents with only infants are visiting us to play/socialize with friends, we must charge a regular Play Pass fee.


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